Christmas Time’s a Coming

Can you believe Christmas is less than a week away?  My kids only have two days left of school, and I have very little time to get my Christmas cookies baked.  Sure, I LOVE to bake, but this last month has seemed extra busy.

So, now, here I am. The final countdown. It can get no later (technically, I know it could, but what would I call them??  New Year’s cookies?)  So tomorrow, with no where else I need to be but my very own kitchen, I will begin the baking binge.  Along with the little hands of my sons, we will add another year to our traditional bake-off.  Yes, we will probably eat more dough than cookies.  And, yes, we will make a mess that only seconds in comparison to a natural disaster.  BUT, we will also be making memories.  Memories I hope my boys will look back on and smile.  This is why, even though it is busier this year than normal, I will make the time.

Memories are made of the time we share!


What special things do you do to make memories during the holiday seasons?




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