Who I Am : February Edition

Oh my goodness it’s February!!  The first month, of my first year blogging is over.  So far it has been fun!  As of now, I have shared some recipes with you, and I hope you have found something tasty in the mix.  What I haven’t done yet, is share more about myself.  What makes me tick, so to speak.

I have decided to start a series of posts that will be published the first of every month, sharing some aspect of my life.  I plan on sharing what I like to do, mixed with some other tidbits of information.  (If you want more of the nitty-gritty kind of stuff, head over to the About page, found here. )

Remember my post This Year, I Will…?  In it, I mentioned I had a lot of hobbies.  I’d like to take a few minutes and share one with you.

First up:  sewing.  Quilting mostly (at least currently), but I also have made clothes, purses, and other misc craft items.  I get my love for sewing from my Granny.  She was awesome!  Given the times she grew up/lived in, she probably learned how to sew more as a necessity, but you would never have known it!  I am so blessed that she taught me how to sew when I was a kid.  This is the machine she used, the machine she taught me on….



I am SOOOOOOOOO lucky to say that I’m still using this today.  Yes, it is old.  It was purchased in 1952 (I have the sales ticket to prove it!).  I know that they make new sewing machines everyday, that are supposed to be all high-tech, digital, etc.  But I LOVE this machine!  It is metal, not plastic.  Have you ever tried to break metal?  Not gonna happen.  At least not easily 😉  I know it requires a little more maintenance than a modern machine.  I also know a lot of people probably freak out when they see all the levers and knobs.  I would too if I didn’t have the instruction manual!!  But once you change stitch type, or length a couple of times, you get the hang of it!

For me, sewing is relaxing.  I find great satisfaction in knowing I made something with my own two hands!  It is amazing how a few pieces of fabric and some thread can be put together to make something useful, and often times, cherished.

I decided when pregnant with my first child to make a baby quilt.  It was the first quilt I made and after that I was convinced all of our children would have one.  So I have made baby quilts for all three boys.  I am currently pregnant with baby #4, and so another baby quilt is in the works!

I am a fan of 1930s reproduction fabric and so this is what I picked out for this project:


So far I have the pattern picked, and the fabric cut.  I just need to start piecing!  Once I finish I will share my work with you!  I just hope that it is finished before baby arrives!

Do you sew?  Do you sew on a vintage machine?  I’d love to hear from you!


13 thoughts on “Who I Am : February Edition

  1. My Granny also taught me how to sew and to quilt. I used to spend hours sitting with her in her living room while we munched on some snack she made us as she taught me different stitches and how to put things together. Now any time I see a quilt it brings back all those memories of staying all night with her and the hours we would spend her teaching me, and us talking as we both sewed, those were some of my best childhood memories, I still miss her dearly every single day.
    I still love to sew but since I now have kids and am in college I don’t get much of a chance to do it anymore. But something I promise myself I will get back to doing again. Some of my most cherished possessions are the quilts Granny made for me; one as a shower gift when I got married and one for my first baby while I was pregnant, and another that she made and I got from her just because. Like you quilting also relaxes me, maybe because of all the times Granny and I shared quilting together when I was younger!

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