A Dose of Warmth and Growth

It’s snowing in my neck of the woods today….kinda.  Nothing is sticking to the ground exactly, but occassionally it’s snowing so hard that I can’t see far out the window.  Then just as quickly as it came, the burst of winter is over for a little while.  For me, this is great, because as you may already know, I am winter’s biggest fan.  Seriously, if mother nature gave out awards, I would win every year for being in love with snow and all things cold.  But I know not everyone is so overjoyed at seeing the white stuff as I am, and most of you are sick and tired of winter.  So I thought I’d share a little virtual warmth with you…..




Feel better?

I love how you can see the light through the butterfly’s wings!  I took this picture as it was relaxing in the sun on the butterfly bush in my front yard.  It’s hard to believe now, but it won’t be long, spring will be here and we will start seeing these beauties again.

This spring is especially special for my family.  We will be growing from a family of five into a family of six!  So fitting, that in the season of birth and growth, that we will be welcoming our newest family member into the world!  Excited just doesn’t cover how we feel!  My doctor appointments have become I-should-just-sleep-at-the-doctor’s-office frequent, and our countdown has officially started.  Five weeks from today the little one will arrive.  I have added a countdown to by blog, so you can track the time along with us 😀

My husband and I are  already the parents of three amazing little boys……any guesses on baby number four?

P.S. We didn’t find out, so we won’t know until the big day!





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