Who I am: March Edition

It is the first of March, spring is just a couple of weeks away, although you can’t tell it by looking out my window, as I watch the tiny snowflakes fall to the ground.

The beginning of a new month means it is time for me share a little more of “Who I Am.” I started this series last month, if you missed the post, you can find it here.  When I decided to do this, I didn’t realize how difficult it would be to decide just what to share about myself.  With keeping in mind that spring is just around the corner, and what says “spring” more than flowers?   I thought I’d share my love of gardening with you.


Growing up, my Dad always was the one who tended the garden, both flower and vegetable.  When I was little I thought it was fun to play in the dirt of our backyard vegetable garden.  I’m sure getting in the way more than actually helping, but I was interested in what was going on!  Then we finally moved to a rural home, we had the opportunity to have a large garden, but I was older, and of course wasn’t interested.  I guess my young self thought it was no longer “cool” and I often had “better” things to do.  Regardless, Dad would still share with me what he could.  Tips, his favorites, what I considered at the time to be random comments.  But you know what?  I listened.  He may not of known at the time, but I did.  I knew that my Dad was busy, and working shift work for many years often left him tired and on a crazy sleep schedule.  But he always made the time to garden.  Maybe, I thought, there is a reason….

Now I am married with a family and home of my own, I am so grateful for the things I learned from my Dad.  My garden isn’t perfect.  I live on a budget so I can only buy plants a little at a time, but it is getting there.  And I of course, have the plants Dad shared with me too.  Mostly hostas because these are his favorite

0515121719              0508111016a


I have a flower bed full of them!  I also have developed a love for roses.  Yes they can be a little temperamental, but soooo worth the effort.  Don’t you agree?





048                                0512121157


My boys also help take care of the garden.  I try not to force them, but hope that they are interested enough in what I am doing that they want to help.  You know what?  They are!  Sometimes it’s only when I go out to cut some blooms for the house, but they still are interested!  They are excited to see the shoots of the first plants breaking ground in the spring.  They especially like helping in our vegetable garden too.  I think there is just something about planting a tiny little seed and watching it grow.  Then there’s the added bonus of getting to eat your hard work.  I’m sure this is a big plus with my boys.  I am so glad for this time I get to spend with them!

So now I’m back to the reason I think my Dad always took the time for his garden.  The list could be endless.  Maybe it’s because God blessed us with so many wonderful things and it’s one little part we can have in it.  Maybe it’s because it’s relaxing, therapeutic even.  Maybe it’s because of the instant bond all gardeners instantly share.

But now after getting to share gardening with my little ones, I think….maybe, just maybe, it’s because sharing  something you love with someone you love, is like planting a tiny seed of your own and watching it grown into something amazing.

Thanks Dad!



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