Baby Blessing

On Friday, March 22, our family welcomed our newest blessing into the world. Much to our surprise, especially after having three amazing boys, the Lord sent us a little girl! We could not be more excited!

Soon the trucks and tractors that litter our floors, will be accompanied by….pink tractors? Ok, maybe dolls, bows and princess-like things. The truth is, we have a lot to learn about having a baby girl, but we are so ready!

It’s amazing to me how protective the boys are of their little sister already. When someone comes to visit, they quickly advise them how to hold her and what song to sing if she becomes upset. And of course, at least one of them is stationed right next to her, “just in case.”

With a new baby, a new mommy challenge develops. Making sure all my boys continue to feel just as loved as always. With my own recovery from the delivery and lack of sleep, I will be honest and say, it’s not easy. It helps that I have a wonderfully supportive husband. He is a great dad. Another one of my blessings.

In addition to having great support from my loved ones, I found out this morning that sometimes you encounter things just when you need it most.  It made me feel good and I thought I’d share it with you (thanks to Pinterest)


Thanks for letting me share this great joy with you! My posts may be a bit limited for the next couple weeks, but I will do my best!



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