Who I Am: April Edition

I know, I know, April 1st has passed.  Let me just use the excuse that I was busy spoiling my baby girl, and that’s why this post is late.  It’s as good as any excuse can be, right?

In the past “Who I Am” posts, I talked a little about my hobbies, but this month, I want to share one of my collections with you!

First let me tell you that my favorite color is purple.  Yes, purple.  What color do I not like?  Orange.  That’s what makes this collection so unique.  I love peach lustre Fire King.  Why it is called “peach” is beyond me.  I’m no color expert, but I find it much closer to orange.  I guess since they made it, they can name it what they like.  At any rate, I have been collecting hoarding it for about 12 years now.  To be quite honest, I have no idea what drew me to this particular line by Fire King.  They made similar pieces in other colors, but no, this purple-loving girl picked orange.

The fun thing about collecting something, is the hunt.  Flea markets are a great place to pick up pieces, especially because they tend to be very, very cheap!  The great thing about these dishes?  That color sticks out like a sore thumb!  It is so easy to find mixed in with other dishes.  I don’t know if you collect something, but when you find that one piece you’ve been searching for it is so exciting.  My current goal?  A hard-boiled egg dish.  Can you say rare and expensive?  Of course I refuse to spend much on the pieces I snag, so my search will continue until I find one at the “right” price!

Over the years I’ve obtained pretty many pieces, both on my own, and as gifts.  What an amazing gift!  At this point in time I don’t have a place to really display my collection.  All the dishes currently reside in a ginormous box in my basement; carefully wrapped to protect them, until…..the day when I can finally display them in my dining room.  Someday, that WILL happen!  Until then, though, I do have a few pieces that we use regularly, and since they are easily accessible, I snapped a quick photo to share.


If you didn’t already, do you remember these now?  Maybe your Grandma, mom, or even you may have had and used something similar?  They were manufactured from the early 1900s through the 1960s I believe.  I’m not an expert, but I have learned a little bit over the years searching out my favorite pieces.

Oh and an added bonus?  This pattern…..

IMG_0335 (2)

It’s called “Kimberly”  How corny cool is that?

So until that “someday” comes and my dishes once again see the light of day, my hunt will continue……


This is just one of the things I enjoy collecting.  I also have spoon rings and an accidental sewing machine collection.  Look for posts on these in upcoming months.

In case you missed February and March “Who I Am” posts, here they are so you can catch up…..

Who I Am: February Edition

Who I Am: March Edition

Do you have any collections?  I’d love to hear about them and even see pictures if you’d be willing to share!  Please just post a comment below, I look forward to hearing from you!

Many blessings to you ~Kim~



9 thoughts on “Who I Am: April Edition

  1. I love them! I hate blue and have blue walls in my living room AND bathroom (that I love)!

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