Secret Nerd

My readers may not know this about me, but I’m secretly a nerd. Well I guess not secretly any more, but it’s a trait my husband and I share, although in different ways. I’m more of a traditional video game, super hero, movie kind of nerd. My husband is more of a history, remember everything you read kind of nerd. Since we’ve been married, we have influenced each other’s nerdiness, and now it’s also being shared with our kids.

My boys are often called a Padawan (a Jedi in training for you non-nerds). We own everything Star Wars, toys, books, movies, posters….. Needless to say, we are eagerly awaiting the release of the new Star Wars movies!

We’ve been known to argue over what super hero is faster. Right now the Flash is winning, with Superman a close second (faster than a speeding bullet and all), feel free to weigh in! We’ve also had to discuss whether or not Wonder Woman is good or bad. Strangely enough, my kids have not read a comic book, which is a can of worms probably better left unopened.

My youngest son can hum the entire theme song from
Indiana Jones, as well as Star Wars, and the original Batman series.

Our Saturday evenings usually involve watching the original Batman series and telling the kids “no you cannot stay up to watch Star Trek tonight.”

Luckily, my husband and I both enjoy reading. Different books, but the love is still there. What better example to give our kids? I read once that the best way to have children that love to read, is to be a parent that loves to read. Well, you could imagine my excitement when I came across an article on, entitled “67 Books Every Geek Should Read to Their Kids Before Age 10.” I was ecstatic! I especially love how many we actually own and/or my kids have already read. But there are 67, and some are series of books, so there are still plenty more to read.

Even if you’re not a nerd like me, I HIGHLY recommend you check out this list. There are many childhood classics, as well as some you may not have thought of for children. I think reading all of them would be so fun!

I’m particularly partial to the Shel Silverstein books. I have the whole series and love the humor!

Are there any of your favorites on the list? Are there any books that you think are missing? Please share!!

Until the next time, “Live long and prosper.” (Yes I did the hand thing!)


4 thoughts on “Secret Nerd

  1. I LOVE book lists. As a nerd myself, I’m always reading and want to instill a love of reading in my little ones. I often forget about books I read as a kid or someone recommended to me. is great because I can keep track of all I’ve read and want to read. (My nerdiness is really shining through here.) Ha!
    My mom always read to my brother and me. Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh was a favorite! There are so many great books on that list! I’ll definitely be saving it.

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