Little Things Still Matter

When my kids are grown, what will be their most cherished memory of childhood? What do I do to make them feel loved?

Do you ever ask yourself these questions? In my post No Mommy’s Perfect, I briefly touched on the parenting question, “am I good enough.” It’s something we all wonder at one time or another. Well, this morning I happened on an article by Erin Kurt, titled “The Top 10 Things Children Really Want Their Parents to Do With Them.” The author was a long time teacher, who every Mother’s Day would ask her students what they think good moms (guardians) do. I loved their answers. LOVED them!!!! Reading through them actually brought tears to my eyes. Call it postpartum hormones, or call it joy in knowing that the little things still matter! It just made my heart feel good ❤

I urge you to read this short, but sweet article, then share it with every parent and grandparent you know. After reading it myself, I can't wait to ask my kids what they think good parents do. I challenge you to do the same and feel free to share!


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