Mama Robin

This was going yo be my post for Mother’s Day, but my computer and internet have not been cooperating lately. This explains the drop in activity on my blog. I am working to fix it and I do apologize.

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day!

Now back to my post…….

My four five year old son came running in from outside last week, completely thrilled with his discovery. Tucked between boards of their “fort” he found a bird’s nest with a single “meenie-ture” blue egg.

IMG_0420 (2)           IMG_0418 (2)

I explained to him that it is a robin’s nest, and that those are the birds we see hopping around the yard searching for worms. He became even more excited; we were going to have a baby robin!

That first day he checked “our nest” about every half hour or so.  Seriously.  No exaggeration. Each time ended with “there’s no baby robin yet mom!”  No disappointment.  No frustration.  But each time with just as much excitement as when he first told me of his discovery.  But how long would that last?

A brief nature lesson for those of you who don’t know:  birds will lay multiple eggs over the course of days, 1 each day, until they have “enough.” Then they will tend to them until they hatch. What “enough” is depends on the type of bird. For a robin, it’s usually about 4-5 eggs.

This means we had a few days to go until mama robin even began to sit on her nest!  So I wanted to explain this to him in a way that he would understand, but also in a way that he would remain excited.  I think I succeeded because the updates come less frequent now…a little anyway. BUT, they are alway delivered with just as much enthusiasm.

Of course the updates have changed over the course of the week, from 2 eggs, to 3, and finally 4!


And now mama robin is finally sitting on her nest. Except when she becomes irritated…enter me with camera. She then retreats noisily to the nearest tree.



(And don’t worry she comes right back)

I tried to get a shot of her on the nest but I can’t get as close to her as my son can. My only guess is she’s become comfortable with him over the course of building her nest and laying her eggs. I think that’s so cool. He goes out and plays and she just watches and waits.  Waits for the four, almost featherless, birds to emerge from their eggs.  Tiny and helpless.  Mama Robin’s wait will be over and the most important job of her life begins.

Then it will be our turn to watch.  Watch as she feeds and cares for them as they grow.  Watch as she prepares them to leave the nest to be on their own.  Isn’t nature amazing?  And getting to be a witness to it all is such a great learning experience!  I’m so glad she chose our yard for her home this summer!

And now I wonder, who will be more exited when the eggs start hatching:  little W or Mama Robin?


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