Flea Market Fire King

Happy Friday!  I wasn’t intending on making a third post this week, but there are just some times when I’m excited about something and need to share it, so I thought, why not?!?

I love flea markets and I was lucky enough this week to make it to two!  Yay!  Weekly, on Wednesday’s, there is a local flea market that we look foward to attending every summer.  It is open year round, but it is outdoors so we only go when the weather is nice.  A lot of the same vendors return each week and set up shop in the same spots.  Faces become familiar very quickly.  Besides the great bargains there for the taking, it has also become quite a social event for the locals and visitors alike.

I love when I can take all my kids with me, as they are great at finding “mom’s dishes” in the mix  My oldest was the spotter this week and  I was able to get these all for $9…..


They’re not in the best shape, normal wear from use and all, but at that price I’ll take them!  Normally one piece in decent shape can sell from $5-$10 on up!

I also found these cut glass items, both for just one dollar!


I added these to the set of four that I already have, making it a set of six.  I love using them for serving dessert!  Not Fire King, but still a great bargain!!

Ok, so now fast forward to today.  There is another flea market within an hour drive that is held twice a year for about a week.  As a surprise to my kids, I packed a cooler and headed that way this morning!  This market has the biggest mixture of totally random objects.  It’s actually funny to see what you can spot.  Today we saw everything from purses, primitive items, toys, collectibles, animal furs, and even an alligator head.  I’m still puzzled about what one would do with that.  Any ideas?

Well at one booth I spotted a small custard dish, peach luster just like I want!  As soon as I touched it, the owner said that the “good” stuff is behind the counter so no one can break it!  I was excited and disappointed at the same time.  “Good” stuff??  I always love seeing the dishes, but if it was in such good shape that they didn’t display it, I was sure that I wasn’t going to pay the price they were asking.  They dug it out and surprisingly enough, it was reasonably priced, and by that I mean, I bought it!  The pieces were marked a total of $19, but I talked it down to $15.  The pieces are a little newer, maybe 50s-70s, which I believe is towards the end of their production….




The last bowl is my favorite for this week!  It is still so shiny, all the color is in tact both inside and out.  I wonder if it was even used?

Another vendor actually had an entire 18 piece set, still in the box with the manufacturer’s stickers still adhered to each dish.  It. Was. Awesome. But with awesomeness, also comes expense, and so it still sitting in its place at the sale waiting  for some lucky shopper to claim it.  Maybe one day I will get to be that  shopper, but for now, I will just relish the steals I scored this week and keep my eyes peeled for the next big bargain!

Have you been to any flea markets or yard sales lately?  What do you look for?


4 thoughts on “Flea Market Fire King

  1. Flea Markets are great. So many next to new items that can save someone so much. There are also the vintage finds which can be restored very beautifully with a little time and energy. When I was home in my last holiday and stayed with my parents every Saturday my mom and I spent our mornings going to these markets. Was my favorite day of the week
    I love your finds by the way
    Bismah 🙂

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