Memorable Magnolia

It’s Thursday already, another week is just flying by!  I went to the flea market again yesterday, and purchased something that brings back great memories for me…..a magnolia tree!

In the spring of 2001, my husband and I honeymooned in the south.  Being from the midwest, and this, our first trip to the south, we saw and experienced many new things.  One of those things I found exciting was the beauty and fragrance of the Southern Magnolia tree.  They were everywhere and in full bloom!  The lady that owned the bed and breakfast we stayed at, called The Spahn House, even cut a bloom to adorn the breakfast table in the mornings…..After seeing and smelling the blooms, I was sooo hooked!

Living where I do, though, the Southern variety won’t survive our harsh winters, and I have looked for a similar variety that will.  My.  Search.  Is.  Over.  Enter the DD Blanchard Magnolia……


(Photo courtesy of the

 I can not wait to smell the first bloom off this tree! Scents can trigger so many memories, don’t you agree?

For now, the tree is currently sitting in the pot, by my garage, awaiting its new home.  I can’t wait to plant it!  We will put it towards the back yard near our patio.  Our intentions are to eventually create a memory garden back there.  How appropriate that the foundation of that garden remind us of the beginning of our life together as husband and wife?!?

I am so excited to have found this tree!  Thank you for letting me share this tid bit with you!

Do you have plants/trees that remind you of something meaningful in your life?


P.S. We visited the Spahn House in 2001, and it was a wonderful place to stay then, and may well be today!  I also want to say that I was in no way asked or compensated to recommend this B & B.




2 thoughts on “Memorable Magnolia

  1. I love Magnolias!! My mom has a smaller version in her yard called a “little Gem” magnolia. They don’t get as big as some of the monster in the South.

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