New Socks and a Worn-out Towel

It’s Saturday morning.

As I took my morning walk, I had time to clear my head and reflect on this past week.

Do you know what I realized?

I had to buy socks this week.

I know, silly thought.  For me, though, it caused a little bit of sadness.  You see, the socks weren’t for me, but for my oldest son.  They were “big boy” socks, a.k.a. boys large.  The last size before he moves to men’s sizes.  Men?!?  Did I really just write that?  Oh wow!

I know buying bigger socks isn’t exactly a milestone purchase or anything, but it reminds me of how big my kids are getting.  I’ve been lucky enough to get excellent clothes from friends’ kids, and rarely buy new clothes, except maybe some jeans for school.  When I had to buy these bigger socks, it occurred to me… kids are growing up .  It’s almost like my boys were tiny babies that depended on me for all their needs, I blinked, and now they are these independent little men.  And maybe it’s not just the socks but also having our baby S around now.  She  reminds proves to me how much they’ve grown.  And I am so proud of who they are growing to be:  smart, independent, God-loving boys.  Their Dad and I both are so grateful!

Ahhh their Dad.  My loving husband.

Do you know what he had the nerve to tell me this week?  That we have a worn-out towel.  Worn-out!  Apparently he used one after a shower and found a large hole in it.  The (cheap) towel is only 12 years old.  Only.  I can’t imagine why it’d be worn out.

We actually purchased said towel, along with a plethora of others right after we came home from our honeymoon.  We received 2 sets as a wedding gift, and wanted more for obvious reasons.  When we bought the towels I, honestly, didn’t expect them to last the year (they came from a large “Mart” store).  Well here we are 12 years later.  12 years?

Again it seems like yesterday that I cried as he got down on one knee and asked me to be his forever.  A wedding and four kids later and I have to buy new socks and turn a worn-out towel into a rag, both in the same week.

Now I need to get ready to go to our nephews graduation party.  Could I feel any older?  He was four when I started dating my husband, that was 1998.  It’s amazing how quickly 15 years can go.

This week’s little events has reminded me, and I guess my intention today is to remind you also, to live and enjoy EVERY moment.  I mean every. 

Our time here is short and we must relish every minute.

Love your family.  Spend time with them.

Have fun.


Maybe even buy new socks.



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