Summer Speed

When my little W thinks something is “fast” he uses the word “speed” instead……

Is it just me or does summer seem to go “speed?”   More so than any other season?  I guess not the season really but summer break from school.  It seems just like yesterday that my little ones came home from the last day of school, excited for what’s to come.  Swimming, fishing, playing, parks, maybe a vacation or a weekend get-a-way thrown in along the way.  Now here I sit, and it feels like it’s almost over.  About three weeks left for us.  Yes that is almost over in my book. 😉

4-H projects were turned in today.  Next week is our county fair.  The following week is vacation bible school.  Then we have one unplanned week before school starts.  <sigh>

I have so much more I want to do with them!  Time to buckle down and do some planning.  These last few weeks might fly by, but we are going to have a GREAT time.

One of our “must-do’s” for summer is a visit (or more) to the beach at our local state park.  What is an activity you try to do at least once each summer?


3 thoughts on “Summer Speed

  1. Wow!!! I had no idea school started that early this year! That is crazy! We play outside a lot, but I’d like to take the kids down to the river before summer’s over!

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