Who I Am: August Edition

Holy cow, August is almost over and it has been foreverrrr since we spoke!  I promise to address why, and catch up in the next post, but I thought I should get my Who I Am post out here, you know, before September starts.

In a past post I shared with you my Fire King collection, well, today, I am going to share another collection of mine.  I started this one, way, way back in high school.  It incorporates flea markets, antique markets, and any other place you could find used, possibly old stuff.  I collect spoon rings.  For those of you that have never seen them, you are wondering, “how can you wear a spoon????” It is actually made out of the handle, and it could have honestly been called a fork ring, but that isn’t quite as catchy, I guess.


When I started my collection I thought it was pretty neat just because my mom said she had one when she was in high school.  We won’t go into how “way” back that was 😉  Since then, I picked most up from the local flea market, but I have also received some as gifts. I almost always receive comments on them, some saying they used to have one, or others asking what it is. 

I have developed a few favorites over the years.  This one I am partial to, mainly because it is so ornate.  It is also much bigger and heavier than the others.  It is the only one I have like it!



The other one I have that I feel is super-cool, is this one…..



It may just look plain and worn out to you at first glance, but if you look close you will see that it has the name Teresa engraved on it, among other details that were hard to capture in the picture.  This ring appears to have been made to commemorate someone’s birthday.  It says “Birth Record of Teresa,” then includes the date and time (the center oval is actually a clock!!).  How cool is that? 

 I always wondered if the person lost the ring, sold it , or gave it away.  I actually tried finding her using this birth information but didn’t have any luck.  I like to think the ring has an interesting story!  Have you ever seen one?

My collection hasn’t grown too much recently, because I try to not buy duplicates.  I am always on the look-out, though, because you just never know where one might pop up!

Do you have any collections?

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6 thoughts on “Who I Am: August Edition

    • Thank you! Even if they are tarnished, they usually polish up good, but some times you can get them for a steal because they look “bad.” Most of mine were only a couple dollars, with my big splurge of $10 for the real ornate one! Good luck, I’d love to hear if you find any 🙂

      Thanks for dropping by!

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