Who I am: October Edition

I blinked my eyes and the beginning of October came and went.  Halloween is fast approaching and I am not doing a good job of creating a blogging schedule.  I apologize to you all.

This month’s “Who I Am” post took some thinking.  It’s probably the most obvious thing about me, but I struggled with whether I should write about it or not.  Wondering what you, my reader, might think.  What the reaction would be.

Well, here it goes.

I am a mom.

A mother.

You’re probably thinking, “It’s October and you are just now writing about this?  Why the hesitation?”

Because I didn’t always want to be a mom.

It wasn’t even on my radar.  At all.

I’ve heard other moms say that they couldn’t wait to have a baby, it was their “life-long dream,” or their “purpose.”  I would think, “wow!  Motherhood was their goal?”

I didn’t understand.

Growing up, I wasn’t around babies or little ones very much.  I was an only child.  My cousins had little ones (that I LOVE!), but we lived far from them.  I didn’t experience a lot of the growing-up process, as I would only see them a few times a year.

Honestly, it really didn’t occur to me how little I knew about babies until I started dating my husband.  He is from a large family (11 kids)!  As you can imagine, his life experiences and view of things was much different than mine.  He is the third youngest so, by that time, most of his brothers and sisters were married with kids.

We would visit his siblings often, especially his one sister and her husband.  They just had a baby about the time we started dating.  Seeing, my then boyfriend, interact with the new little baby amazed me.

I’m talking life altering amazed.  He was so natural.  So happy.

You could just feel how much he enjoyed the baby.

Thinking back, I can still picture him holding his little nephew, laughing and talking to him.

I know it sounds crazy, but I knew that moment, that I wanted to be a mom.  Without a doubt.

I FINALLY understood the “dream.”  Feeling the happiness and love, I knew I wanted that too.

Now that I am a mom I can’t imagine a life without my kids.

They fill every day with wonder and adventure.  Fun and laughter.

They inspire me to be better.  They give me new purpose.

They teach me more than I think I can ever teach them.

They are my joy.

I love them and I love being a mom!

I read this once, and I can truly say, that

“My greatest blessings call me ‘mom!'”


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Did you always know you wanted to be a parent?


Thanks for stopping in…Kim


3 thoughts on “Who I am: October Edition

  1. I loved this post… Thanks for being so honest:) Well your hubby and myself come from very similar fams… I am the 12th child. I could never see marrying anyone who didn’t want children…lots of them. A prerequisite for sure. However, Tim comes with just a little sister. He had no experience with kids. However, the investment his parents made in him has made him an excellent father! Actually he superseded my expectations.

    • I’m glad you liked it! I was so unsure of how it would be received!

      Being an only child, I am amazed every day by the interactions of my kids. The love, caring, even the disagreements and how they still come back and are friends. I have learned so much from them, and THAT, is something I never expected!

      My husband is an amazing dad, as I knew he would be. I believe we are both where we are supposed to be!

      Thanks for visiting my blog!

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