Barefoot Baby – Making Baby Legs

I’m so glad to be making a post today!  This has been my first “normal” week, in a long time.  The only reason I had to leave the house was guitar lessons for my oldest son on Tuesday, and I’ll be going grocery shopping on Friday.  I love being home!  It gives me time to get my work finished, and when my work is finished that means….hobby time!


I mean, I had to clean, dust, and de-cobweb my sewing room, it has been that long!  Getting in there again inspires me to want to make even more things, but first things first.

I have had the fabric to start a Superman quilt for my son for months now.  I tried, but it turns out I need some spray adhesive before I begin.  It is my first appliqued quilt, so who knew, right?  So that is on the back burner until the adhesive arrives.

On to the next item on my want-to-make list… legs!  Ok, so I just had my first baby girl in March, and I had never ever heard this term before.  I would have just called them leg warmers, but then I’m a child of the ’80s….Flashdance anyone?

I learned this new name from a great tutorial I found on Pinterest back in spring.  Today when I tried to access it, for some reason the blog post had been removed.  So I had to look again.  It was dreadful .  Not only did I find what I was looking for, but numerous things I didn’t even know that I needed to make 😉

The two pins I liked the most led me to these two blogs: Ten Cow Chicks and Moore Babies.  Cute blog, cute babies, and great tutorials!

I had some children’s sized knee socks I picked up on clearance for a buck.  So I read the tutorials, and decided to sort of merge the ideas from both ladies.

I cut my socks as Ten Cow Chicks did, using the foot part of the sock as the new cuff for the upper leg.  Then I sewed the pieces together using the knit stitch, as recommended by Moore Babies.  (By the way, it turns out my elderly sewing machine doesn’t exactly have a “knit stitch,” or anything called that exactly, but it does have a zig-zag.  This set on the widest setting, works in the same way!)  This gives the stitching a little stretch just like the knit fabric of the sock.

After the cuff was sewn on, I added an extra step.  My skin is easily irritated, and anticipating that my daughter will inherit this, I decided to sew the seam down on the inside of the sock, like this……

IMG_1362 IMG_1361

I am hoping this keeps the seam from rubbing her leg as she is busy exploring!

I think my barefoot baby is going to love them….


look at her pudgy little toes ❤



I cannot stress how simple and super-quick this project is!  These would also make a great, easy homemade gift!

Hopefully soon, I’ll be posting some pictures of that Superman quilt I told you about!

Are you working on any projects, sewing or otherwise?  I’d love to hear about them!

Sew glad you dropped by ~Kim


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