Who I Am: December Edition a.ka. The Last One!

Before you panic, it’s not the last post ever, just the last post in this series.  I may not be very consistent at posting, but I do enjoy it a great deal and will continue to do so, even if it’s sporadic!  I hope that’s okay with you!

Over the year, I have shared some of my hobbies and traits in my “Who I Am” posts.  Now it’s December.  So I decided to use this post to just share some random facts with you.

I am a happy person.  I don’t believe happiness is found, I believe it is a choice.  I try to choose it every day.  Trying to stay positive and looking for the good in each situation helps.

My favorite color is purple, and has been ever since I can remember.  It’s also my niece and cousin’s favorite color.  Probably because we are all awesome 😉

Genealogy fascinates me.  Of course my own family’s but also others.  I think every family has an interesting story to tell and learn from.

When I was little, my favorite shows were the “Incredible Hulk” and the “Dukes of Hazzard.”  A couple of years ago, I went to see “Chicago” and met the man who played Luke Duke, turns out he sings and was starring in the show.  I got his autograph for me and my nephews who are huge Dukes fans.

My first concert was New Kids on the Block.  Don’t judge.

I have some fears (maybe phobias)….spiders, feet, and aliens.  I don’t think they are real, just seeing them in movies freaks me out.  Can you explain why “X Files” was one of my favorite shows then?  Crazy, I know.  Ahh, I miss that show, even if I had to hide my face through most of it.

My favorite book of all time is “To Kill a Mocking Bird.”  If you haven’t read it, you should.  Now.  A few of my other favorites are:  “Of Mice and Men,” “Gone with the Wind,” “The Shack”

I have favorite movies also.  The list is long, and changes with my mood, but a few that always make the list?  “Gone with the Wind,” “Sound of Music,” “Lonesome Dove,” “The Pirates of the Caribbean” series, “Monty Python and the Holy Grail,” (this one is thanks to an old high school friend, I still haven’t forgiven him for introducing me!), “Joe Dirt” (don’t ask)

I love food.  Cooking it, smelling it, eating it.  Mmmm food.

I have naturally curly hair.  When I became pregnant with my oldest boy it went away.  After I had my baby girl in March, it came back.  Crazy hair!

I love to laugh.  I love to see others laugh, especially my kids.  It’s hard to think of a better sound.

I love tradition.  I try to make memorable ones for my family.  I hope I am doing a good job.

And, now after this year, I am also a blogger.  Maybe we have some things in common, or maybe you tried a new recipe that I shared.  Whatever brings you to my blog, I hope you have enjoyed our journey so far, and I hope you keep coming back to visit.

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