What Did I Do in 2013?

Well hello, 2014!  I hope the first week of the new year has treated you well!

My family and I have been playing “pass the illness” since before Christmas, and let me tell you, it is not fun.  Having six members in my household, I really do wish we would all come down with the same thing, at the same time and eliminate this long, drug out process.  Or better yet, I wish we could all just remain healthy.  Forever.  Wishful thinking, right?

Besides taking care of the sick, I have been contemplating making new goals for 2014.  Should I or shouldn’t I?  I have decided I should, but first, I wanted to go back and see how I did last year.  If you’d like a refresher on what I intended to do in 2013, check it out here.  As for how well I did, here we go…….

Family & Faith

1. One of my goals was to infuse more Bible study into my life and those of my children.  Over the last year I continued my yearly journey through scripture, by both personal study and listening to The Daily Audio Bible.

As for my kids learning more, I continued with giving them a verse a week.  But to challenge them a bit more, I added bonus questions that led them to the Bible for the answers.  They were able to practice looking things up, and learned more about whatever topic I chose for that week.  I (or an older brother) would help my youngest son with this part.  He is already starting to learn how to look up a verse, once you get him to the book.  What makes it even better?  They enjoy it!  Score one up for mom!

2.  Now my youngest son started kindergarten last fall.  To get him ready I wanted to work with him on  his letters and numbers.  We did.  A little.  He could identify all his letters and some numbers.  I wanted to work with him a little more on writing them, but we didn’t.  On a positive note, he is doing great in school and is excelling wonderfully.  I’m most impressed with how quickly he is picking up reading.

3. I set out in 2013 to be more available to my family.  To quit saying “just a minute,” but to actually do better putting them first.  This is more of an ongoing goal.  I am doing better, so much better.  To say I achieved this goal 100%, would be to say I’m perfect. Just between you and me, I’m not.


Organization and a cleaning schedule?  Well… that’s what I wanted to do.  They seem to go hand in hand, don’t they?  I didn’t get the office and boys’ room finished, as I had hoped, BUT, I sure did a lot of purging.  A lot is probably an understatement.  My family even joined in.  We donated, sold, and threw away what we could.  That is an amazing feeling!  It also will help achieve organization this year (I have a better plan this time, stay tuned!)

As for a cleaning schedule, I do believe I have that figured out, and although I haven’t shared it yet (as I said I would), I do intend on doing so.  It works great for our family, as long as we stick to it.  There were a few weeks, here and there, where we got off track, but I deem this goal a success overall.  It’s definitely an improvement over past years, and that makes me happy!


~sigh~  Do we need to talk about scrapbooking?  I started off the year so good, but after having baby S (March), all progress stopped.  I need to get back into routine and stick to it.  I haven’t given up hope.  And I’m still taking pictures.  I think I need to continue this goal and enlist the help of my scrapbooking buddies…..you know who you are 😉

Final & Most Difficult Goal

My last goal involved my procrastination problem.

I do not claim this photo as my own

I don’t like to toot my own horn, but I have made a great improvement in this area, so “TOOT!”  Just one, because I still have a way to go, as you can tell from my unfinished office and pile of empty scrapbooks.  But if you could have walked into my house January 9th, 2013 then checked out my house today, you would notice a difference.  That’s because I don’t put off doing the silly little things as much as I used.

There you have it.  I’ve never set goals in this manner before and I definitely never shared what goals I did set with anyone.  It was kind of fun!  I will be keeping in mind what I did/didn’t do in 2013 while I finish up this year’s goals.  So keep an eye out for that post!

Did you achieve your goals in 2013?  What was your favorite accomplishment?


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