Welcome, I hope you are doing well!  I am so excited you have stopped by for a visit, please let me share a little about myself….

How about we start at the beginning?  The beginning of my life as it is now, started over 12 years ago.  That is when I married my best friend!  We journeyed through the newlywed stage while building our house.  Yes, people told us we were crazy, but we survived, and are all the closer for it.

Married time led to family time and in 2004 we had our first son, R.  Our second son, N, was born in 2006. W, our third son, was born in 2008.  They are pretty close in age.  They fight.  They argue.  They are best friends.  We also have a baby girl S, who was just born in March!  The boys are so excited to have a little sister!  I am an only child, so watching the sibling interactions are completely amazing to me!

I was lucky enough to quit my full-time job in the summer of 2003, and have been a homemaker (and SAHM) since.  I am so excited for this opportunity!  I have been able to see my children through all stages of their lives so far, in addition to enjoying the many interests/hobbies I have.  I enjoy so many things, or too many, depending on how you look at it!  To give you an idea, I like sewing, scrapbooking, gardening, photography, baking…….that’s probably enough for now!  Feel free to check out my blog for even more about the things I like to do!  Ahhh, my blog, that’s why you came in the first place.  Let’s move on to that, shall we?

You may be curious about the name of my blog, so let me explain…

It is often said that one “finds their niche.” But what is a niche? It means a place or positions suitable for a person. I, however, believe it is not something that is to be found, but created. It is never completed, but ever-changing.

With this in mind, I intend to share with you my journey in “Creating My Niche!”  I do hope you’ll stop by and visit again soon!

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