Journey of Hope

I have been on an unplanned hiatus.  Miscellaneous family issues have been keeping me from the blog world.  Life happens, right?  We all experience times when we can’t get accomplished those things we wish we could.

Recently I was contacted by a delightful lady by the name of Heather Von St. James.  She was reaching out to me with a quite noble cause.  I knew I had to make the time to write.

It seems May was National Cancer Research Month.  Cancer.  I don’t know anyone who has not been affected by this disease.  Maybe someone very dear, or even yourself.

Heather shared her story with me, and asked that I would also share it with you.  She is an eight year survivor of Mesothelioma.  Being diagnosed at the young age of 36, and only months after giving birth to her baby girl, she was given the grim diagnosis and told she only had 15 months to live.  She beat those odds, and, miraculously, is here enjoying all the joys of motherhood and life. She has also made it her mission to inform anyone she can about this disease.

Mesothelioma is one of the most aggressive and deadly forms of cancer.  Research has shown that asbestos exposure is the cause, and sadly, it is not banned in the United States.  It was used for many applications during the 20th Century, and so many walks of life could unknowingly be exposed.

This is a preventable disease.  Knowledge is key. Please take time to learn more by visiting the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance.  Also, I would love if you could also check out the inspiring and informative blog of Heather Von St. James by going here.

Cancer is a heartbreaking disease, the more we know, the better off we will be.  To quote Heather,

“From awareness grows hope”


Thanks for stopping by ~Kim~



Goals Update

Well hello there!  I didn’t want you to think I have forgotten about you all.  I just wanted to make a short post to let you in on a couple of things.

I have been working in my office, as you may well know.  This is the first room I picked for the make-over this year.  Holy moly did it need it!!  My goal was to get a room a month completed, but it has taken way longer than I anticipated.

My lovely husband has built shelves the entire length of one wall.  (can I get a woo hoo for having a handy hubby!?!?)  I have these painted…finally.  He needs to finish up the base of the shelves, which will actually have doors to hide some of the, not so pretty items, like files, computer paper, etc.  There is also a smaller set of shelves he is going to build.

First, we were delayed waiting on the lumber.  Now it’s just a matter of finding the time for him to work on it.  He works at our family business, plus has quite a few things on his plate here.  So it will get finished.  I just don’t know when yet.

So instead of waiting for the office to be finished before I move on, I’ve decided to start with the next room:  the boys’ bedroom.  There is two big changes happening in there.  First, it’s getting painted.  Second, we are moving our third son into that room.  Thank you, bunk beds.  They are actually excited.  For now.

I also need to decide what room to work on after the boys’ room.  I may pick an “easy” one to try to get caught up.  I have to admit, I feel like a bit of a failure not getting rooms completed to share with you.  I know they will get finished, but it’s March and I don’t have anything but a complete mess in my house to show for it!  So please stick with me, we will see results.

The other topic I wanted to touch on is my “get fit” goal.  With the exception of two weeks, I have managed to do some sort of cardio workout about 4 to 5 days a week.  While I realize this isn’t astounding, it’s improvement.  I have seen a change in how my clothes fit.  Score!

Today I added weights to my routine.  Let me just explain that I haven’t lifted weights in years.  I mean, clean the dust off the weights, years.  I feel great now, but I pray tomorrow that the soreness won’t deter me from continuing.  I also ask that my, sure-to-come, jello arms will still have the strength to lift my baby girl out of her crib.  Ahhh, the pains of getting fit.

Well there you have it.  My goals are playing out, not how I planned, but playing out nonetheless.   If you want to read more details about my two goals for this year, go here.

Are you still sticking with your goals for this year?