Goals Update

Well hello there!  I didn’t want you to think I have forgotten about you all.  I just wanted to make a short post to let you in on a couple of things.

I have been working in my office, as you may well know.  This is the first room I picked for the make-over this year.  Holy moly did it need it!!  My goal was to get a room a month completed, but it has taken way longer than I anticipated.

My lovely husband has built shelves the entire length of one wall.  (can I get a woo hoo for having a handy hubby!?!?)  I have these painted…finally.  He needs to finish up the base of the shelves, which will actually have doors to hide some of the, not so pretty items, like files, computer paper, etc.  There is also a smaller set of shelves he is going to build.

First, we were delayed waiting on the lumber.  Now it’s just a matter of finding the time for him to work on it.  He works at our family business, plus has quite a few things on his plate here.  So it will get finished.  I just don’t know when yet.

So instead of waiting for the office to be finished before I move on, I’ve decided to start with the next room:  the boys’ bedroom.  There is two big changes happening in there.  First, it’s getting painted.  Second, we are moving our third son into that room.  Thank you, bunk beds.  They are actually excited.  For now.

I also need to decide what room to work on after the boys’ room.  I may pick an “easy” one to try to get caught up.  I have to admit, I feel like a bit of a failure not getting rooms completed to share with you.  I know they will get finished, but it’s March and I don’t have anything but a complete mess in my house to show for it!  So please stick with me, we will see results.

The other topic I wanted to touch on is my “get fit” goal.  With the exception of two weeks, I have managed to do some sort of cardio workout about 4 to 5 days a week.  While I realize this isn’t astounding, it’s improvement.  I have seen a change in how my clothes fit.  Score!

Today I added weights to my routine.  Let me just explain that I haven’t lifted weights in years.  I mean, clean the dust off the weights, years.  I feel great now, but I pray tomorrow that the soreness won’t deter me from continuing.  I also ask that my, sure-to-come, jello arms will still have the strength to lift my baby girl out of her crib.  Ahhh, the pains of getting fit.

Well there you have it.  My goals are playing out, not how I planned, but playing out nonetheless.   If you want to read more details about my two goals for this year, go here.

Are you still sticking with your goals for this year?


Barefoot Baby – Making Baby Legs

I’m so glad to be making a post today!  This has been my first “normal” week, in a long time.  The only reason I had to leave the house was guitar lessons for my oldest son on Tuesday, and I’ll be going grocery shopping on Friday.  I love being home!  It gives me time to get my work finished, and when my work is finished that means….hobby time!


I mean, I had to clean, dust, and de-cobweb my sewing room, it has been that long!  Getting in there again inspires me to want to make even more things, but first things first.

I have had the fabric to start a Superman quilt for my son for months now.  I tried, but it turns out I need some spray adhesive before I begin.  It is my first appliqued quilt, so who knew, right?  So that is on the back burner until the adhesive arrives.

On to the next item on my want-to-make list…..baby legs!  Ok, so I just had my first baby girl in March, and I had never ever heard this term before.  I would have just called them leg warmers, but then I’m a child of the ’80s….Flashdance anyone?

I learned this new name from a great tutorial I found on Pinterest back in spring.  Today when I tried to access it, for some reason the blog post had been removed.  So I had to look again.  It was dreadful .  Not only did I find what I was looking for, but numerous things I didn’t even know that I needed to make 😉

The two pins I liked the most led me to these two blogs: Ten Cow Chicks and Moore Babies.  Cute blog, cute babies, and great tutorials!

I had some children’s sized knee socks I picked up on clearance for a buck.  So I read the tutorials, and decided to sort of merge the ideas from both ladies.

I cut my socks as Ten Cow Chicks did, using the foot part of the sock as the new cuff for the upper leg.  Then I sewed the pieces together using the knit stitch, as recommended by Moore Babies.  (By the way, it turns out my elderly sewing machine doesn’t exactly have a “knit stitch,” or anything called that exactly, but it does have a zig-zag.  This set on the widest setting, works in the same way!)  This gives the stitching a little stretch just like the knit fabric of the sock.

After the cuff was sewn on, I added an extra step.  My skin is easily irritated, and anticipating that my daughter will inherit this, I decided to sew the seam down on the inside of the sock, like this……

IMG_1362 IMG_1361

I am hoping this keeps the seam from rubbing her leg as she is busy exploring!

I think my barefoot baby is going to love them….


look at her pudgy little toes ❤



I cannot stress how simple and super-quick this project is!  These would also make a great, easy homemade gift!

Hopefully soon, I’ll be posting some pictures of that Superman quilt I told you about!

Are you working on any projects, sewing or otherwise?  I’d love to hear about them!

Sew glad you dropped by ~Kim

We All Scream for “Snow Cream!”

Hi All! I am hoping that everyone had a great Christmas and are enjoying the new year so far! In my neck of the woods, we have been blessed with some snow….finally! We missed out on it last year, and since I love snow, it was a bit of a disappointment! So far we have made up for it this year though. My three boys have been on Christmas break and have been taking time to enjoy wintry activities almost every day since December 26!

One thing our entire family enjoys when it snows is “snow cream.” It is so easy to make and it makes a snow day even more special. I thought I’d take a few minutes to share my recipe with you…..

1 cup whole milk or cream
1 egg
3/4 cup of sugar
1/4 tsp salt
2 tsp vanilla

mix the above ingredients thoroughly. Then add..

2 qts (8 cups) of FRESH, CLEAN snow (very important for it to be fresh!!)

Mix well and serve immediately. It will be the consistency of soft serve or slush, but it tastes yummy!!

That’s all for now! With my boys being on break I have been super busy, but I will try to establish a posting routine once they return to school! Enjoy your day!


Hello, and welcome to my first blog “Creating My Niche!” I am so glad you stopped by! I am a wife, mother of three wonderful boys and a homemaker.

Maybe you’re curious about the name of my blog, so let me explain…

It is often said that one “finds their niche.” But what is a niche? It means a place or positions suitable for a person. I however, believe it is not something that is to be found, but created. It is never completed, but ever changing.

With this in mind, I intend to share my creative processes with you. I am so excited to share crafts, recipes, and an occasional story. I enjoy many things, and hope that I can introduce you to something new and different!

I invite you to join in my adventure in “Creating My Niche!”